Healthy vending machines

We make it easy for your staff, guests and visitors to choose healthier options thanks to our range of modern vending machines and healthier choice snacks and drinks.

Modern snack & cold drink vending

Encouraging healthier living

Support your health & wellness objectives

With consumers being more discerning than ever, the expectation for healthy snack and cold drink options is high. Fortunately, providing healthy options doesn’t mean a compromise on choice or taste.

Offering convenient, healthy options is particularly important if your workplace or location promotes a healthy environment. Healthy values are reflected in the food and drink you provide your staff, guests and visitors with, and this extends to vending machine options.

Our healthy vending machines are stocked with brands consumers love and products based on consumer insight and market trends. Our Healthier Choice range will satisfy consumers' demand for healthier options, 24/7.

We are experienced partners to the healthcare sector, which means we've made sure our snack and cold drink ranges meet all relevant government requirements - GBS, CQUIN, Action on sugar (NHS England) and healthyliving awards scheme (NHS Scotland)


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Healthier Choice snack & cold drinks products

  • Cereal bars
    Cereal bars Fresh cereal bars from recognisable brands consumers love
  • Fruit and nuts
    Fruit and nuts A selection of raw nuts and dried fruit products
  • Crisps & confectionery
    Crisps & confectionery Crisps in packs of less than 25g. Sugar-free gum and chocolate at 250kcal or less
  • Water & sugar-free drinks
    Water & sugar-free drinks Water, diet/sugar-free fizzy drinks, and juices containing natural sugar
Enjoy the latest vending technology

Modern healthy vending machines

The provision of healthy snacks and cold drinks doesn’t end at the products themselves. You need modern, reliable machines that deliver to consumers in the best possible condition.

Our healthy vending machines are designed to meet the needs of today’s consumer, with cashless payment options, modern user interfaces and large capacities. Using real-time consumption data in addition to consumer trends, your vending machines will be stocked with healthy products your staff, guests and visitors will love.

Reliability is key. As your vending machines will be available 24/7, you need to trust they will consistently provide snacks and cold drinks, without fail.

Fortunately, we offer a selection of service options to cater to your needs. Our fully managed service ensures your machines remain clean, full and working, supported by our locally based technicians.

Our snack & cold drinks vending machines

  • BevMax 4
    BevMax 4 An environmentally friendly cold drinks machine. Reduces energy consumption, has a large capacity and market-leading speed. Fill with healthy cold drinks, including water, juice and sugar-free fizzy drinks.
  • Merchant 4 & 6
    Merchant 4 & 6 With the potential for more selections than competing snack and combi machines, the Merchant has the versatility to provide your staff with healthy snacks and cold drinks they love.

Healthy vending solutions
that meet your staff and visitors' needs

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