When you need to provide a high volume of instant hot drinks quickly, we understand the need for an efficient and fast solution.

Rapid Coffee Vending Concept

Rapid service with no hassle

Bringing you a broad menu of instant drinks, served quickly, our Entry level Rapid range provides you with a hassle-free solution which can be offered 24/7.

It is ideal for locations where a large volume of hot drinks need to served quickly such when large numbers of staff take their breaks at the same time.

Our fully automatic, freestanding vending machines serve your staff's favourite coffees plus hot chocolate and freshbrew tea. There is also the option to serve soup. They use the latest technology to reduce waiting times so all staff can access their choice of hot drink.

And with your fully managed service, we take care of everything, making sure that your machines are full, clean and working. All provided by local teams of merchandisers and engineers based at our depots across the country.

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Rapid range coffees

Customised vending options

Put quality instant coffee at the heart of your workplace, helping to keep your staff feeling valued and motivated.

Flexible, affordable options allow you to choose the most suitable coffee blends for your business.

Meet your sustainability goals with Pelican Rouge Finesse Red Label, our Rainforest Alliance certified wholebean instant.

When cost is key, opt for our popular miofino sereno.

Or choose a well-known coffee brand with Lavazza Prontissimo!, a 100% Aribica wholebean instant and bring the taste of Italy to your staff. 

Our fully automatic Rapid range machines

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