Infinity ATM Coffee Vending Machine - Rapid

Infinity ATM

We understand the need for a reliable floor standing hot drinks vending machine that's able to keep up with the high demands of a busy workplace. To give you this confidence, we've used our expertise to work in partnership with Crane and develop an exclusive machine the Infinity. Over 18,000 of them are enjoyed by people all over Europe.

Utilising instant products and dispensing drinks in under 20 seconds, the fast and efficient technology limits wait times and keeps queues to a minimum to fuel productivity.

And with superior green credentials, the Infinity is better for the environment and better for your energy consumption. 

Using an intuitive drink selection process that mirrors the everyday 'hole in the wall ATM workflow', staff can easily help themselves to the drinks they love.

Technical and menu information

Dimensions   Menu
Width 700mm Coffee, Coffee with milk,
Depth 785mm Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso,
Height 1830mm Mocha, Hot chocolate,
Weight 180 kg Fresh brew tea, Fresh brew tea with milk,
Technical 13amp plug, Standard water feed

Decaf coffee, Decaf coffee with milk OR 1 x Soup,

Payment Cash / Card / Mobile Hot water
Accessories Optional sip lid holder  

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