Office coffee & vending machines

Make the day work with our broad range of office vending machines, MicroMarkets and self-serve coffee solutions. Convenient, modern machines and appealing product ranges mean your staff won't need to venture far on their breaks for satisfying refreshments.

The right solution

The right solution for your office

Whether you need fully managed hot drinks 24 hours a day, premium, fresh milk coffee offers, snack and cold drinks vending machines, or our new, innovative self-serve MicroMarket, we are a one-stop-shop for your office needs.

Our consultative approach is designed to create an environment that stimulates engagement and productivity.

  • A rich heritage of coffee mastery, craftsmanship and experience to provide the quality products and service you can rely on
  • Premium coffee brands such as Starbucks and Lavazza to give your staff a taste of the high street on site
  • Snack and cold drink ranges  of popular products and healthier options as standard
  • Flexible service packages from an all-inclusive fully managed service through to our Office Coffee Subscription service
  • Certified hot drinks, energy-efficient technology and PEFC cups that can be recycled to help you meet your CSR targets
  • Vending machines with touchscreen and cashless options, making them convenient for your staff to use.

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Our office coffee vending concepts

  • Rapid
    Rapid High volume, high quality instant drinks, available 24/7. Perfect for offices where a large volume of instant hot drinks need to be served quickly and wait times need to be limited.
  • Rapid Plus
    Rapid Plus High volume, bean to cup coffee with powdered milk, available 24/7. Perfect for offices who want to provide bean to cup coffee to large numbers of employees and for unattended locations.
  • Reserve Simplicity
    Reserve Simplicity Bean to cup coffee with fresh milk, available from tabletop coffee machines. Perfect for businesses that want luxury, high-street quality coffee.
  • Starbucks on the go workplace
    Starbucks on the go workplace Bring the authentic Starbucks experience to your office with this modern, compact format.
Starbucks on the go branded coffee

Bring branded coffee to your workplace

The number of cups of coffee being drunk at work is increasing. Your staff’s enjoyment of high-quality coffee on the high street is changing their expectations within the workplace too.

Coffee has become so much more than just a drink. Putting coffee at the heart of your workplace keeps your staff feeling motivated and valued. It fuels productivity, drives engagement and creates an area where colleagues can meet, share ideas and inspire each other.

With our Pelican Rouge brand and partners Starbucks and Lavazza, we have the choice of blends to meet all tastes so your staff can experience great tasting coffee in their workplace.

We have Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified coffee, tea and hot chocolate options, as well as PEFC cups that can be recycled to help you meet your CSR targets.


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snacks and cold drinks in office

Office snack and cold drinks vending

There are times when we all want a snack or cold drink. People are becoming more discerning, so traditional snack and cold drinks vending is changing. Using consumer insight and market trends, our range brings the right choice to your office. As well as brands your staff know and love, we provide healthier options as standard, supporting your health and wellbeing strategy.

Our fully-branded office vending machines also feature cashless and mobile payment technology whilst our Fully Managed Service means you don’t have to worry about restocking and cleaning your machine as we do that for you.


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Express Hub MicroMarket brought to you by Selecta

MicroMarkets - innovative workplace refreshment

More and more businesses are opting for flexible working solutions and increasingly creating modern offices with a focus on positive company culture and employee wellbeing. To meet this need, we have our new, innovative Express HUB MicroMarket concept – a fully managed retail solution inside your organisation.

Ideal for the modern workplace, these small, self-serve stores offer your staff fresh, healthy food and delicious coffee at a time that suits them – there's no need for them to walk to the shops or wait for them to open.

We install and take care of everything - our merchandisers will ensure your Express HUB remains stocked and fresh, and payments are through a secure self-serve checkout so you don’t need to staff it.


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Iseo water cooler in office

Office water coolers

Understanding how important hydration is for health and wellbeing, we also offer the latest in water coolers and hot water tap solutions. Just 1% dehydration can affect your employees’ performance at work, reducing vigilance and memory. Our cold and sparkling water coolers for the workplace use the latest purification technology to refresh and revitalise your staff, whilst our hot water taps combine both style and function.

All of our water systems, including our office water dispensers, are environmentally friendly, connected directly to the mains, reducing waste and eliminating the need for large water bottles.

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Man servicing Selecta coffee machine

Local service, national coverage

We understand that your business needs are unique. We have a variety of service packages designed to meet your requirements, alongside a partnership approach to managing your account over the entire life of your contract. This provides you with a reliable, hassle-free experience.

If you opt for our Fully Managed Service, you can be safe in the knowledge that our trained staff will make sure your machines are full, clean and working. You’ll also automatically enjoy our Elite Care Technical Service which includes preventative maintenance and breakdown repairs.

With depots across the UK and Ireland, supported by a UK contact centre, we offer national service coverage with the benefit of local teams of merchandisers and technical staff who can respond quickly to calls.


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