As experienced partners to the healthcare sector, we lead the way in provding healthier vending for your NHS trust or hospital, complying with CQUIN and GBS requirements.

Healthier snacks

Healthier vending experts

In the highly demanding environment of an NHS trust, we understand that you want a reliable partner that you can depend upon.

As the leading coffee and vending services company in the UK and Europe, we are experienced partners to the UK health sector.  

Fully compliant with regulations and legislation, our commercially driven offer could provide you with an additional revenue stream whilst managing costs.

Healthier options are available 24/7, offering drinks and snacks to those at the hospital at any time of day or night. We also want to improve the coffee experience and can offer quality, branded coffee from Lavazza or our own Pelican Rouge.

And with our fully managed service option where we clean, maintain and fill the machines for you, we can make life easier for you.

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Compliant with regulations

We understand that you need a reliable partner who can help you meet the requirements of the NHS and Department of Health. Our food and drinks range is fully compliant.

Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN)

Our wide range of food and drinks meet the 2017-19 Health and Welbeing CQUIN indicator. Healthier food and drinks are available for all 24-hours a day; 80% of confectionery and sweets have 250kcal or less; snack bags are 30g and under; and, exceeding the CQUIN target, 90% of drinks lines have less than 5g of added sugar per 100ml.

Government Buying Standards (GBS)

All NHS Trusts are also required to comply with GBS – Selecta’s range, developed through our expertise working in healthcare, meets all GBS requirements.

Reducing sugar

As part of our commitment to encourage healthier living, we’ve pledged to voluntarily reduce sales of high added sugar drinks within the healthcare sector to 10% or less meeting the 'Action to reduce sales of sugar-sweetened drinks' requirement. 

healthyliving award

For NHS Scotland we also support and meet the healthyliving award scheme across snacks and cold drinks.

Healthcare sector brochure

Download our healthcare brochure to discover how we can provide you with a CQUIN and GBS compliant vending solution for every part of your hospital.

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Our product range

We offer a choice of two snacks and cold drink ranges, Classic and Healthier Choice.

All of the products in both ranges are fully CQUIN and GBS compliant. The cold drink products are also aligned with Public Health England sugar reduction guidelines.

  • Classic brings the brands consumers know and love alongside a range of healthier choices.
  • Healthier Choice is designed to make it even easier to choose a healthier option. This range exceeds government health targets and requirements, and all drinks have low or no added sugar.

Our snack and cold drink machines are installed with cashless technology as standard, maximising efficiency and increasing convenience for your staff and visitors.


Our focus is on bringing you high quality coffee in without having to invest in catering facilities.

Research shows year-on-year growth in the importance of a known retail brand when servng out-of-home coffee.* Whether you’re a patient waiting to be seen or a member of staff on your break, a hot drink can bring comfort and familiarity to an unfamiliar environment.

To provide this we can offer you Lavazza branded coffee or our own Pelican Rouge brand.

Our coffee vending machines use the latest cashless technology and can help bring additional revenue to the trust.


* Source: Allegra, December 2017

Our range of water coolers bring your hospital a hygienic and safe solution to keeping staff, visitors and patients hydrated. Fitted with Brita water filters as standard, our water coolers are direct chill models, with unrivalled hygienic qualities ensuring that no water is sat in tanks and therefore vulnerable to bacteria.

As part of our Fully Managed Service, our qualified merchandisers ensure that your water coolers are in line with the latest hygiene guidelines, in order to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitisation.

Man servicing Selecta coffee machine

Reliable service

Perfect for hospitals, choosing our Fully Managed Service option means we keep your machines clean, full and working. Included as part of this is our Elite Care Technical Service, with unlimited call outs, full preventative maintenance and fast response times.

We take a partnership approach so that over the life of the contract the offer will grow and develop, in line with the changing needs of your hospital.

Our category team will keep your product range up-to-date and compliant with NHS requirements, whilst your account management and service team will regularly review your latest sales data and KPI performance.


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