Make the day work within manufacturing and logistics environments with vending and self-serve solutions to suit every part of your business. 

The right solution

The right solution for your business

Whether you’re outfitting a small staff room or a need a freestanding machine for your employee break room, we have a broad range of vending and self-serve solutions for every area of your business, helping create environments that stimulate engagement and productivity.

  • Serve high quality drinks quickly.
  • Ranges designed for your industry, including Lavazza Prontissimo!, and nut-free ranges suitable for food manufacturing environments
  • Hassle-free, fully managed 24/7 hot drinks and snacks and cold drinks vending machines
  • Local service on a national scale - depots throughout the UK with our own merchanisders to provide you with a reliable service.
  • Touchscreens, cashless payment and the latest telemetry
  • A partnership approach to managing your account. 

Case study - The Works

Discover how we helped The Works get the right vending solution and improve staff engagement and productivity with our case study.

The quality of service we’ve received from Selecta has made all the difference. Our account manager took the time to fully understand our requirements, and helped us select the right solutions for the business.

Mark Haywood, Procurement Management at The Works

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Coffee matters

Coffee matters

As businesses seek to drive employee engagement, softer benefits such as tea and coffee facilities are becoming increasingly important. In fact, the Leesman Index shows that, within service features, 'tea, coffee and other refreshment facilities' are the most important feature of an effective workplace above other features such as restaurant/canteens and computing equipment.

Research also indicates that regular coffee breaks make employees feel valued, which in turn inspires them to be more productive in the workplace.

Engaged employees in manufacturing have productivity rates that are 70% higher than non-engaged employees.*

We offer a range of coffee brands, including Lavazza and our own brands Pelican Rouge and miofino, so your employees can enjoy their chosen blend without having to leave the workplace.


* Global Manufacturing 2016

Understanding your needs

Understanding your needs

We understand that businesses in the manufacturing industry need vending partners who can meet their unique needs. For example, within food manufacturing sites, nut-free ranges or the omission of other small snacks such as yoghurt covered raisins which could drop into production lines.

We are also experienced in working with Trade Unions to ensure the employees' offer meets all their requirements. And of course, still providing consumers with the well-known brands and products they crave, offering quality and convenience.


Buyers Guide

To make it easier for you to meet your staff's vending needs, we've created a buyer's guide specifically for your industries. Find out more and download the guide.

What we offer

As Europe’s leading coffee and vending services company, we have a wide range of hot drink choices, including tea, hot chocolate and high-quality coffee brands such as Lavazza, our own brand Pelican Rouge and our own label, miofino. All of our freestanding hot drink vending machines serve high quality fresh leaf tea and you can also choose to upgrade to the latest touchscreen technology.

With an in-depth understanding of your target market, our vending machines make it easy and convenient to enjoy a range of refreshing cold drinks. We work with market data and our own insight to ensure your consumers can choose from a wide range of well-known brands and health-conscious alternatives.

Our sales data indicates that canned soft drinks are the most popular beverage of choice within manufacturing and logistics. A self-serve machine can provide employees with cold drinks 24 hours a day, especially for shift workers who often need a pick-me-up when conventional restaurants are closed.

For various reasons, some businesses need vending partners who can meet their unique requirements. Food manufacturers may need nut-free ranges, or certain snacks might risk contaminating and disrupting the factory line. Whatever your specifications, we can provide a bespoke offer that meets your needs.

We have an extensive range of snacks to choose from, ranging from the popular brands consumers know and love, to alternative snacking trends and healthier options. Combined with our ability to provide different ranges for the different locations and audiences within your business, your employees will be able to choose the products they love. 

And for ease of use and maximum efficiency, our latest machines are outfitted with touchscreens and cashless card readers.

Fully managed service

Fully Managed Service

If you choose our Fully Managed Service, you’ll receive the highest level of care from our qualified merchandising team. With our hassle-free service, we’ll make sure your self-serve machines are clean, full and working at all hours of the day.

For true peace of mind, this package also includes our Elite Care Technical Service package. With unlimited call-outs, full parts and labour, and a dedicated call centre, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

What’s more, our partnership approach to managing your account means that as your business grows and develops over the life of the contract, your vending offer will too.

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