Selecta Launches a Successful Safe Driver Programme

Throughout September, the merchandiser team at Selecta Swanley Depot took part in a pilot of our new Safe Driver Programme to improve driving standards and safety. The main goals were to reduce our environmental impact, improve fuel efficiency and to keep our people and the general public safe on the roads.

Now that they have completed a full month of the pilot, we are thrilled to announce that there have been some fantastic results! Improvement was measured using in vehicle telemetry equipment from a company, called Quartix, and we measured two metrics: speed compliance and driving style.

In speed compliance, the team achieved an overall improved score from 55.3% to 73.7%

In driving style performance, the team achieved an overall improvement from 79.7% to 88%

Every merchandiser on the pilot improved their scores significantly and they are all winners, but we wanted to create a nice sense of positive competition as well. On 6th October Alan Devine, Operations Director, hosted a (socially distanced) awards ceremony to thank all the drivers that took part and he handed out three very well-earned prizes.

Best Driver

Best Driver

Amanda O’Hara

Most Improved Driver

Most Improved Driver

Kevin Burren

Combined Scores Winner

Combined Scores Winner

Paul Durham

This award was given by the overall combination of both his speed compliance score and his driving style score.

Congratulations to all of the winners! We hope that all of you continue to improve even more ahead of next quarter’s awards ceremony, and that you enjoy your Amazon vouchers!

“I was delighted to meet the team at Swanley who piloted this important programme. Giving the right tools and equipment to our teams to make sure they can do a great job for our clients is vital. My most important responsibility and the first priority for all our managers is to make sure our people stay safe at work. This initiative, especially when embraced so positively by the team here at Swanley will keep our people and the public safe, will reduce our impact on the environment and will improve the performance of the business. I am really proud of how the team here have risen to the challenge!”
Alan Devine, Operations Director

For anyone else interested in improving their driving style and speed regulation, here are the four core tips that were shared with our fleet and have a significant effect on fuel consumption and 10 top tips from RoSPA:

  1. Drive smoothly. Anticipate situations and other road users as far ahead as possible to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration. Maintain a greater distance from the vehicle in front so that you can regulate your speed when necessary without using the breaks.

  2. Step off the accelerator. When slowing down or driving downhill, remain in gear but take your foot off the accelerator as early as possible. In most situations, and for most vehicles this will activate the fuel cut off switch, reducing fuel flow to virtually zero.

  3. Shift up early. When accelerating, shift to a higher gear early, usually by around 2,000-2,500 revs per minute (RPM).

  4. Avoid excess speed. High speeds greatly increase fuel consumption.

By improving the driving skill of our field-based staff members, we are benefitting not just the drivers themselves but the whole community. Safer driving reduces stress levels maintenance bills, and also the number of accidents on the roads which eases pressure on the emergency services. It has also proven to increase staff wellbeing, job satisfaction and promotes a culture of safety and care within our company.

If you would like to know more about our Safe Driver Programme for your team or if you would like to improve your driving skill on a personal level, please get in touch with your line manager or email or

Download our RoSPA's Top 10 Tips to stay within the limit here.