What are the UK’s Favourite Snacks?

Which snacks are the most popular in the UK and in your town?

Everyone loves a snack, don’t they? Whether it be a Twirl, a Bueno, or an energy or cereal bar, taking a well-deserved break accompanied by a tasty snack can provide a fast pick-me-up when you need it most.

But which snack does the UK public like the most?

Last year, we analysed 16 million snack sales from our Selecta outlets across 96 UK towns and cities, to find out.

These are the top 10 snacks that came out on top:

  1. Cadbury Twirl

  2. Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak

  3. Kinder Bueno

  4. Kit-Kat 4 Finger Bar

  5. Twix Bar

  6. Walkers Cheese & Onion

  7. McVities Mini Cheddars

  8. Walkers Ready Salted

  9. Snickers Bar

  10. Walkers Doritos Extreme Chili Heatwave

The most popular snack is the Cadbury Twirl closely followed by Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak and Kinder Bueno. The results show that the people of the UK prefer to snack on chocolate bars over crisps.

In the crisp category, the Max Chargrilled Steak was the most popular followed by Walkers Cheese & Onion, controversially ahead of Walkers Ready Salted, which settles that age-old debate!

Across different locations in the UK, our analysis shows that snack preferences differ by region. For instance, in the North of England, consumers typically opted for more biscuit products however, in the South of England sales were highest for chocolate bars and sweets.

To find out what snack your town & city runs on, you can find it on our interactive index by clicking on this link.