Where is Europe’s coffee capital?

Which city is the most coffee obsessed?

According to the CBI, Europeans consume more coffee than every other continent in the world. With a diverse import of coffee beans entering the continent, Europeans love for coffee is unrivalled. But which specific city in Europe is best for coffee lovers?

We wanted to find out where the most coffee-obsessed cities are in Europe, so we analysed several data points including: the price of coffee, quality of coffee shops, the number of coffee shops, how many had Wi-Fi, Google search interest in “coffee”, and coffee imports in proportion to GDP and population.

After we normalised our datasets, we were left with our winners- these were:

  1.        Edinburgh
  2.        Amsterdam
  3.        Florence
  4.        Dublin
  5.        Antwerp

Our research also gives us some fascinating insights at a city level.

Using the price of a coffee in each city, we can see who is paying proportionally more, compared to the local average wage. Zurich came up top with the most affordable coffee compared to local wage conditions. Greece however came last for affordability, with a single coffee making up 15% of the daily average wage in Thessaloniki.

To find consumer interest in coffee we looked at Google search volumes for ‘coffee’ in English and the country’s native language. The people of Amsterdam were most interested in coffee, whereas people in Minsk were the least interested.

Using Google Maps, we were able to find the average reviews of coffee shops in each city. Surprisingly, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest in Romania came top. By comparison, world-famous coffee hot spot Milan was last with the worst average reviews for their coffee shops. Perhaps Italians are harsher critics when it comes to their coffee!

Italy also had four cities feature in the top 10 for the number of coffee shops per capita. However, it was Edinburgh in the UK that had the most coffee shops, and the most with free Wi-Fi. Most of eastern Europe were bottom of these categories with Ukraine and Russia not having many coffee shops compared to other European nations.

Finally, wanted to see which country consumes the most coffee in proportion to different factors. We compared coffee import statistics against the GDP and population of a country. In proportion to the GDP of a country, Bosnia came up top with the most spend on coffee importation. When it came to per population, Belgium topped the list.

To see the full list of results, you can view our interactive index here: Europe's Coffee Capitals