Selecta is committed to reducing sugar intake

Making the healthier choice the easier choice

Recent reports have highlighted the need to reduce levels of sugar consumption in UK, with tackling obesity a growing priority for the Government and the NHS.

In an effort to meet sugar reduction targets, the NHS has pledged to decrease the sale of sugary snacks and drinks in hospitals and NHS trusts across the country. Under the new rules, 80% of sweets and chocolate on sale must contain 250 calories or less, and 90% of sugary drinks must have less than 5 grams of added sugar.

Selecta is committed to helping the NHS meet government food standards, which is why we're already ahead of the curve. As part of our commitment to encourage healthier living, we’ve pledged to voluntarily reduce sales of sugary drinks to 10% or less in the coming year. Our range of drinks and snacks also complies with the latest CQUIN guidelines.

We aim to make the healthier choice the better choice – reducing your sugar intake doesn’t require making drastic changes to your lifestyle. Simple choices such as snacking on fruit instead of chocolate, or taking less sugar in your coffee can be a great step towards a healthier diet.


Selecta UK - 1 March 2018 (updated)

Selecta is committed to reducing sugar intake