Come on in to our Fairtrade coffee

Fairtrade Fortnight - 26 February to 11 March 2018

Proud to support Fairtrade

With Fairtrade Fortnight under way, we wanted to show our support of this and highlight our Fairtrade certified coffee blends.

What does Fairtrade certified coffee mean?

Fairtrade sets standards for the way coffee is produced and how much a farmer/farming cooperative earns when they sell their coffee sold. 

A Fairtrade certified coffee means that Fairtrade have independently checked that their standards were met by the farmers, workers and companies that are part of supply chains.  

What are our Fairtrade certified coffee blends?

Both our Pelican Rouge and minofino brands have Fairtrade certified coffee blends. This includes our popular:

Starbucks on the go also includes Fairtrade coffee beans.

We believe in sustainable sourcing and also work with Rainforest Alliance and Utz to ensure we have a wide variety of sustainably sourced coffee, tea and hot chocolate.