Distance Selection Contact-Free Coffee Machines

Our Distance Selection technology is a revolutionary and hygienic way to enjoy refreshments in a shared office space or campus.

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How does Distance Selection technology work?

Distance Selection coffee machines are designed to give employees touch-free access to their favourite refreshments.

The intuitive design replicates a traditional coffee machine, replacing mechanical push-buttons with hygienic, touch-free selection technology.

Select your drink by hovering your finger over the screen – up to 2 centimetres away – so, it’s a completely contact-free way to choose your refreshments.

Our hygienic coffee machines are designed to be COVID-19-secure. So, your people can continue to make the most of their lunchtime and breaks, enjoying delicious drinks with the peace of mind of staying safe against the spread of viruses and bacteria.

You can even use the Distance Selection technology while wearing gloves, for those working in shared spaces.

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