Healthier Choice

It's now even easier to choose a healthier option from our snack and cold drinks vending machines with our Healthier Choice range.

Healthier choice snacks

Healthier Choice snack range

The snack products in this range deliver on taste as well as being a healthier option. We want consumers to enjoy making a healthier choice and support them to make this decision. 

All of our products are 250kcals or less per pack and we have carefully chosen the pack size to help consumers manage the portions they are eating.

This snack range covers:

Fruit and nuts - a selection or raw nuts and dried fruit products

Cereal bars - from fresh, modern brands that consumer can also find in the supermarket

Crisps - a variety of crisp options, all in packs of less than 25g

Confectionery - sugar free gum plus a couple of chocolate bars as a treat, but stll 250kcal or less.

Healthier choice cold drinks

Healthier Choice cold drinks

All of our cold drinks in this range have low or no added sugar whilst still providing the taste your staff and visitors want. In addition, every element under the traffic lights nutritional information coding is either green or amber providing you with the reassurance that you are selecting a healthier drink.

The range still includes different types of drinks to ensure choice.

Water - essential for hydration 

Fizzy Drinks - diet and sugar free options from well known brands

Juices - contain natural sugar rather than added sugar.


Encouraging healthier living

We share the view that encouraging healthier living is important, and can support you to meet your health and wellbeing targets. With this range we have created easy access to healthier options 24/7 through our vending machines.


Meets regulations and legislation

Our range has also been designed to meet governement health and wellbeing requirements. 

  • Government Buying Standards (GBS) compliant
  • Meets the 2017-19 Health and Wellbeing CQUIN indicator for NHS trusts and hospitals
  • Supports NHS trusts and hospitals in meeting the 'Action to reduce sales of sugar-sweetened drinks ' requirement - and our Healthier choice cold drinks exceed the requirement..  
  • For NHS Scotland we support and meet the healthyliving award scheme across snacks and cold drinks.

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