Classic range

Bringing snack and cold drinks brands that consumers know and love together with some healthier options to your vending machines.

classic snacks

Classic snack range

Using consumer insight and anlysis, we've developed our Classic snack range to offer your staff and visitors a choice of  popular snacks through-out the day.

Confectionery and biscuits 

  • Covering chocolate, sweets, mints, gum and biscuit-based snacks - all recognisable brands and products.


  • As well as standard packs, we offer premium and alternative formats, focusing on the most popular flavours.

Healthier options

  • Options include raw nuts*, dried fruit and cereal bars to provide a healthier snack option.

This range can be provided in our snack vending machines or in our combi vending machines (mixture of snacks and cold drinks) which may suit smaller sites.   

  * Excluded from nut-free range                                                                           

classic cold drinks

Classic cold drinks range

Like our snack range, our Classic cold drinks range is based on consumer insight and analysis to provide a selection of different types of drinks.


  • Essential for hydation and always popular with staff and visitors.

Fizzy drinks

  • Be it cola, lemonade, diet and sugar free, energy or sport, we balance the most popular with a choice of options from well known brands.

Juice based drinks

  • Our juices and non-carbondates provide added variety.

We provide this range through our cold drinks vending machines or through our combi vending machines (mixture of cold drinks and snacks) which smaller sites may find beneficial.

Consumer led

Combing our knowledge and over 60 years of experience with consumer insight and market trends, this range has been designed to bring you good quality products that your staff will want to choose from our vending machines.

What's more we've used this insight to offer tailored options. Be it Irn Bru or Tomato Ketchup flavoured crisps in Scotland, a nut-free range or more cold drink cans for manufacturing, we have something for everyone.

Healthier options

A variety of healthier options are provided as standard in our Classic range. With water, no and low added sugar cold drinks, raw nuts*, dried fruit and lower fat crisps, we have products in our vending machines that can support your health and wellbeing goals.

We apply the Government's 'sugar tax' to any high added sugar cold drinks we offer, encouraging these to be seen as a treat.

For Public Sector organisations we are Government Buying Standards (GBS) compliant and for NHS Trusts we are also CQUIN compliant.

Profit potential

As well as being consumer led our Classic range is commercially driven, providing an opportunity to bring additional revenue to your business whilst managing costs.

We use technology to optimise the individual selections available within our vending machines, providing more of the most popular products to keep them in stock whilst maintaining the required choice.

Cashless options also make it easier for staff and visitors to buy.

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