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    Best practice guidelines from the Hospital Food Standard Panel’s report recommend that all food within hospitals should be GBS (Government Buying Standard) compliant. Selecta is committed to supporting you in this journey within your vending offer. The great news is we meet and exceed these best practice guidelines. We know exactly what is required and have carefully developed a fully GBS compliant range which will also satisfy your consumers.

    Furthermore, we have gone beyond the GBS requirements and ensured that the range is consumer led and includes a number of healthier options including raw nuts and dried mango pieces.

    You can be happy in the knowledge that you are making the healthier choice the easier choice.

    What are GBS Requirements?

    Government Buying Standards are one of the required standards hospitals are asked to follow as part of developing and maintaining a food and drink strategy. Through Selecta’s work with various bodies official bodies we have spent a lot of time learning and understanding the requirements within the NHS and we are well placed as your experienced nutrition partner.

    And what is Nutrient Profiling?

    Originally nutrient profiling was developed to provide Ofcom, the broadcast regulator, with a tool to differentiate foods on the basis of their nutritional composition, of particular value when looking at television food adverts aimed at children.

    We have chosen to use nutrient profiling in addition to GBS. All products in our range receive a carefully worked out, fact based, score so we can understand whether a product is a healthier option or not.

    Payment Technology

    No cash? No problem, all our machines are now installed with card readers that include Apple Pay and other contactless options so that makes life a lot easier for everyone.

    Your handy checklist

    • How many staff and visitors are you looking after
    • Location of machines, i.e. inside or outside, how busy is the space?
    • Payment systems needed? Free vend, pay vend, contactless, or coins? We have it all.
    • Would you like some of our Healthy branding for your machines?

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