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  • Sustainable Hot Drinks

    As part of our sustainable approach to vending, we are focused with our partners and suppliers, on offering certified products, from the beans and tea, right through to the sugar. Selecta has a range of sustainable vending products for clients and consumers to enjoy, including a hot drinks offer that is fully sustainably sourced.

    Fairtrade Certified Products


    Our clients and consumers can be safe in the knowledge that they can enjoy a great tasting and sustainable cup of coffee from a Selecta vending machine.

    • miofino etico is our range of Fairtrade certified coffee available in instant, roast and ground and bean
    • The Fairtrade Certification Mark is your independent guarantee that our coffee, miofino etico, has been certified in accordance with International Fairtrade Standards. 
    • Fairtrade means fairer trading opportunities for Fairtrade producers to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future

    Hot chocolate

    Our premium blend of hot chocolate is a sustainable choice for our clients and consumers.

    • Selecta’s Fairtrade certified hot chocolate gives you peace of mind that the cocoa and sugar farmers received a fair and stable price
    • Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for Fairtrade producers to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future


    For those of you with a sweet tooth you can be rest assured that when you choose sugar as an option with your drink it has been sustainably sourced. All our hot drinks are served with Fairtrade certified Tate & Lyle sugar.

    For more information about Fairtrade visit www.fairtrade.org.uk


    Rainforest Alliance Certified Products

    PG tips tea

    We serve the Nation’s favourite tea* which is fully Rainforest Alliance certified so every time you have a delicious cup of PG tips you can enjoy the warm glow you get from knowing the tea you are enjoying is sourced in a sustainable way.

    • We use PG tips leaf tea which is fully Rainforest Alliance certified
    • PG tips is the only tea business company to own its own tea plantation and the first to be Rainforest Alliance certified.
    • All the tea in PG tips is grown using sustainable farming methods. This means we're helping protect the environment and ensure decent working conditions for our famers, as well as providing access to education and decent living conditions for them and their families.

    For more information visit www.ufs.teatips.co.uk

    *Source: *IRI 52 w/e 26 August 2011, Nielsen August 2011

    Beyond the cup: the NESCAFÉ plan

    When you choose NESCAFÉ from a Selecta coffee vending machine, you can be confident that the coffee you serve your consumers is responsibly produced, as well as of the highest quality. The NESCAFÉ Plan is a global sustainability programme that brings together all of Nestlé’s initiatives that support responsible farming, responsible production and responsible consumption under one umbrella, ensuring that the entire coffee process is as responsible as possible.

    Responsible farming
    Nestlé provide ongoing support and education for farmers to keep their crops and income healthy, and the quality of the coffee exceptional.

    In practice:

    • Setting up learning centres, demo plots and training classes on 250 farms to demonstrate responsible agrucultural practices to farmers*
    • Distribution of 220 million high-yielding, disease-resistant coffee plantlets to farmers by 2020*

    Responsible production
    Nestlé’s initiatives into energy and water usage, and recycling and waste in factories reduce the impact on the environment. 

    In practice:

    • Reducing energy use by 20% per tonne from 2010 to 2020*
    • Reducing water use by 30% per tonne from 2010 to 2020*

    Responsible consumption
    Choosing the right coffee vending machine can be tricky, especially when considering sustainability and environmental issues. Selecta offer a range of coffee machines with NESCAFÉ coffee that feature strong environmental credentials, providing peace of mind that your drinks are delivered in a responsible way.

    In practice:

    • We help you choose the coffee machine that is most energy efficient for your business, helping reduce your environmental impact and saving your business money


    * Nestlé Professional, The NESCAFÉ Plan, 2012
    ® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. All rights reserved.