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  • Snacks and Cold drinks
    Healthy Vending

     If you are looking for a healthier range of vending products, Selecta’s ‘Balanced Options’ programme for cold drinks and snacks provides clients and consumers with a good balance between popular yet healthier products.

    A range of healthier vending products 

    We aim to provide a range of Balanced Options healthier products in our vending machines. Here are just a few example products from our Balanced Options programme:

    • Sunland Orange
    • Walkers Baked Cheese and Onion crisps
    • Drench water
    • Go Ahead Yoghurt bar


    Balanced Options nutritional requirements

    Products within our Balanced Options programme meet pre-set nutritional requirements:

    Any snack contains less than:

    • 200kcal
    • 6g of fat
    • 250mg of sodium

     Any drink must have less than:

    • 5g of added sugar


    Easy to identify in our vending machines

    Our Balanced Options healthier products are easy for consumers to identify within our vending machines as they are highlighted with a green Balanced Options label.