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The Story Behind miofino Coffee

Selecta’s delicious brand of miofino coffee is created with care and passion. Ms. Le Brigant, Selecta’s Hot Drinks Category Manager, has shared some of the secrets behind perfecting the miofino blend.<<

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Coffee is not just a product. It is a moment, an experience, and a ritual

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Finding The Perfect miofino Taste For Coffee Vending Machines

 The miofino blends are created on a region specific basis, Ms. Le Brigant explained. Getting the right blend for each region involves understanding different taste preferences across Europe. These taste preferences are influenced by cultural habits and history. For example, coffee drinkers in the south of Europe generally prefer their coffee stronger, thicker, and bitter.

Each region has between 1 to 3 blends of miofino coffee. This range of blends is designed to cover the preferred tastes of a region. These blends are created to deliver a high quality and delightful taste for all coffee drinks, so whether a customer decides to order a coffee with or without milk, an espresso or a latte, they will receive the quality miofino taste. Certified coffee is sourced for many regions and countries.

What Goes Into Making Unique miofino Blends?

 It takes from 3 to 6 months to create a miofino blend, Ms. Le Brigant said.

The main difference between the various miofino blends are the individual taste profiles. These can be mild, mellow, or bold, and feature various textures and flavours. It is the mixture of beans and roasting grades that create the unique tastes. The miofino bean origins and grades are carefully selected so that, when mixed in the right quantity and combined with the optimal roast intensity, they create tastes that perfectly match regional coffee preferences.

The calibration of coffee vending machines is also highly important when creating quality coffee. The recipes, order of ingredients, extraction and infusion time, and the ability to personalise drinks with cream, sugar and more, are taken into account when calibrating coffee vending machines.

Ms. Le Brigant pointed out that many coffee drinkers now have an espresso machine in their home, and as connoisseurs Selecta respects them and strives to deliver high quality coffee just like the one they enjoy at coffee shops, home or on-the-go. With innovations in technology and the increasing popularity of coffee across Europe, blends need to be continually adapted and updated.

Ms. Le Brigant explained that a good cup of coffee is one that matches consumer’s tastes so they can enjoy unique coffee moments. “Coffee is like an art from”, she said, adding, “Coffee is not just a product. It is a moment, an experience, and a ritual”. Her natural passion for providing special moments for coffee drinkers is reflected in Selecta’s coffee vending service, which aims to provide fresh, unique coffee experiences.

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The Story Behind miofino Coffee