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Take A Break With Snack Vending Machines From Selecta

It is important to take time out so you can have a moment to relax and enjoy a snack or drink, whether you are at the office, in between lectures, at school, or travelling. Selecta offers reliable and innovative snack vending machines so you can enjoy a refreshing break wherever and whenever you need it.<<

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Selecta offers reliable and innovative snack vending machines so you can enjoy a refreshing break wherever and whenever you need it.

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Stay Refreshed With High Quality Snack Vending Machines From Selecta

Selecta provides a selection of floor standing vending machines in various sizes to suit your requirements, including high capacity machines that are perfect for busy sites, and compact machines for smaller areas. Our stylish and energy efficient machines can vend snacks, cans, bottles, confectionary, and tetra packs.

Taking a break during a hectic work schedule should be a moment to savour, and to unwind and enjoy a revitalising drink or snack to keep you going for the rest of the day. That is why we offer high quality products in our snack vending machines, including the latest brands available on the market. Whether you want a delicious chocolate bar or a revitalising soft drink, our machines can provide you with high quality refreshments.

Our snack vending machines have a flexible layout, making them easy to reconfigure if you decide to change the selection of snacks the machine serves, or if you would prefer a spiral layout. Should your machine fail to vend a product, it is designed to return money back to customers. Cleaning our machines is easy and hassle free thanks to separators that are easy to remove.

Selecta Provides A Complete Snack Vending Service

At Selecta we strive to offer the best possible vending service for our customers. We can take care of maintenance, cleaning, and keeping your snack vending machine stocked. Our technical support can be accessed through one call, and has a guaranteed response time. We have a team of trained, skilled technicians, who are equipped with the tools to fix any issues your machine may have as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Selecta is Europe’s largest vending company, operating in over 22 different countries. Our machines are designed to fit your requirements to make your life as easy as possible. They can be installed in offices, airports, schools, universities, petrol and train stations, and hospitals. When you choose Selecta for vending solutions, you will have access to your vending machine 24/7, and be supported by a consistent, reliable service. You can also customise the products available from your machine. For example, for schools looking for healthy vending choices for their students, Balanced Options, Fresh + Fit and Fairtrade products are available.

Choose Our Vending Machines For Delicious, Refreshing Snacks And Drinks

With our snack vending machines, getting your hands on your favourite drinks and snacks is easy. Take a break and enjoy a relaxing moment with some appetising refreshment with snack vending machines from Selecta.


If you would like to know more about our snack vending machines or any of our other products and services, please call +44(0)121 748 9620 or email sales@uk.selecta.com

Take A Break With Snack Vending Machines From Selecta