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How Starbucks Sources Their Coffee Beans | Selecta UK

How Starbucks Sources Their Coffee Beans | Selecta UK

  • Responsibly grown and ethically traded coffee.

    Responsibly grown and ethically traded coffee

    Starbucks is committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality Arabica coffee beans in the world. They honor their commitment through responsible coffee purchasing practices, farmer support centers, loan programs and forest conservation efforts. Starbucks take a holistic approach using responsible and sustainable cultivation methods and fair trade conditions.

    Responsibly grown and ethically traded coffee.
  • Explore handcrafted Tazo® Teas

    Starbucks is committed to a long-term strategy of ethical tea sourcing, which includes helping support farmers and their communities throughout our tea supply chain. Those intensive sustainability efforts are based on a broad concept encompassing environmental and ecological issues as well as human rights issues and other humanistic questions.

    Enjoy our handcrafted Tazo® Tea.
  • Real oak for the authentic coffeehouse look & feel

    The high-class furniture elements for the Starbucks on the go resemble Starbucks unique coffee houses. The oak originates from sustainable forestry. Our certified oak wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests – as defined by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC certification guarantees that the forestry supports the protection of biodiversity, species at risk and wildlife habitat. The supplier is committed to sustainable harvest levels, conservation of water quality and prompt reforestation.
    High-class furniture elements with certified oak wood.
  • Reducing energy consumption

    Reducing energy consumption

    Part of lowering our carbon footprint also involves reducing the energy consumption of the machines we use to deliver our beverages. All our machines use modern production methods and technology in order to increase their energy efficiency. For instance in standby mode they only use on average 2kw per 12 hours.

    So if you are interested, find out more at  Starbucks.com  for details on Starbucks corporate and social responsibility and ethical sourcing.  

    Reducing energy consumption