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Quality Coffee In Every Cup With Our Coffee Vending Machines

At Selecta, we are passionate about providing you with the perfect coffee moment. We believe that a cup of coffee should be special, a moment of refreshment in your busy schedule, whether you are on the train to work or on your coffee break in the office. <<

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Our passion for coffee translates to a blend for you to enjoy. Savour the taste in your unique coffee moment!

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With our selection of Miofino coffee served by our quality coffee vending machines, you can relish the moment and enjoy the taste of a delicious cup of coffee.

Choose Selecta Coffee Vending Machines For The Perfect Coffee Moment

We care about coffee and our expertise ensures that you will drink only the finest blends from our coffee dispensers. The large choice available means that you can always find the coffee you want. Are you in the mood for a relaxing cappuccino at the airport before a long flight? Or perhaps you want an espresso during a quick coffee break at the office to boost your energy? Whatever you are in the mood for, our state of the art coffee vending machines offer great quality blends.


We are dedicated to finding only high quality ingredients for our coffee. Our Miofino coffee comes with fat-free skimmed milk, which also improves the taste of tea!


Whatever your coffee preferences, Selecta has a vast selection of blends and flavours and can provide you with the perfect blends to suit your tastes. 



The Right Coffee For You From Selecta Coffee Dispensers

Our delicious range of coffee blends includes:

• Mild- Our mild blends come from carefully selected coffee beans and are slow roasted for a light, delicate taste.
• Mellow- Harmonious blends with smooth, delicious aromas, including sweet, earthy and nutty fragrances.
• Bold- These blends are rich with powerful, intense flavours, including fruity, nutty and chocolate tastes.
• Organic and Fairtrade Certified- A diverse selection of blends that have been sourced from Fairtrade producers. Fairtrade utilises fairer trading practices and creates opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future.
• Decaffeinated- Mellow, but full of flavour.

All of these blends are available from our excellent range of coffee machines. Our machines are available in various models to suit your requirements, including tabletop and floor standing.

Selecta takes a ‘whole cup’ approach to making the highest quality cups of coffee from our coffee vending machines. Our Miofino blend is designed especially for vending and we are dedicated to researching the best recipes to create a harmonious balance of ingredients. Our machines are perfectly calibrated to make sure you always receive a fantastic and delicious coffee, which can be enjoyed at the touch of a button.

Enjoy the perfect coffee moment with coffee machines from Selecta. Coffee matters to us and we want every cup you drink to be high quality, flavoursome, and revitalising. We are fresh and modern and have our ear to the ground when it comes to changes in consumer needs so we can change with them.

Our passion for coffee translates to a blend for you to enjoy. Savour the taste in your unique coffee moment!

If you would like more information about our coffee vending machines, please call 01256 348 600 or email sales@uk.selecta.com

Quality Coffee In Every Cup With Our Coffee Vending Machines