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The Origins Of The Starbucks Corner Café

With Selecta’s Starbucks Corner Café service, you can enjoy delicious coffee and the atmosphere of a Starbucks coffee house at your workplace. <<

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One of the most important goals for capturing the right atmosphere with the Starbucks Corner Café was to make consumers feel like they are in a comfortable, homely atmosphere.

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Developing The Starbucks Corner Café

 Roland Van Cranenburgh, who has been working on the Starbucks Corner Café since its inception, talks about capturing the Starbucks coffeehouse ambience, how the concept was developed, and improving the perception of vended coffee.

Through Selecta’s operational expertise with coffee vending machines and Starbucks’ passion for creating moments of connection, the Starbucks Corner Café was born. It “changes the way we (clients) do business”, Van Cranenburgh explained, describing it as “breakthrough to workplaces across Europe”.

Consumer behaviour in Starbucks Cafés was observed in order to develop the concept, particularly how people interact. It is these moments of connection that Selecta and Starbucks want to recreate with the Starbucks Corner Café, said Van Cranenburgh. The concept has proven successful; clients with a Starbucks Corner Café have said that people are now looking forward to enjoying a cup of coffee at work rather than drinking coffee at home. Selecta’s facility manager recently visited the company ‘De Lotto’ and asked employees if they would be willing to pay for a great Starbucks coffee at work after they all shared a meeting at a Starbucks Corner Café. It seems the Starbucks Corner Café concept won them over, as they gave him a standing ovation.

One of the most important goals for capturing the right atmosphere with the Starbucks Corner Café was to make consumers feel like they are in a comfortable, homely atmosphere. According to feedback, employees who are already enjoying the Starbucks Corner Café in their office have said that they feel like they have returned home when they enter the café area. By creating this atmosphere, the Starbucks Corner Café can have a highly positive effect on the workplace, as it motivates staff and encourages productive moments of genuine connection between employees in the office. Van Cranenburgh feels that this atmosphere is worth capturing due to its authenticity. Starbucks is not built on a large TV campaign; it is a genuine brand that takes pride in every aspect of creating the perfect coffee moments. Their coffee is created using 100% Arabica Fair Trade coffee beans, fresh milk and the latest high end Swiss made espresso machines.

The modular furniture included with the Starbucks Corner Café was inspired by Starbucks cafés in Amsterdam. The highest quality products were chosen, including real oak furniture to authentically replicate the feel of a Starbucks café and provide a natural, homely feel. As every office building demands different requirements, a modular set up was chosen to ensure a sufficient degree of flexibility.

Improving The Reputation Of Machine Vended Coffee

 Van Cranenburgh acknowledged that people have had low expectations of the quality of coffee produced from office coffee machines. “99.9% of all Cappuccino buttons across vending machines in Europe produce a black coffee with powdered milk”, he said. It doesn’t take a coffee aficionado to know that this creates a less than satisfactory Cappuccino. The Starbucks office coffee machine, meanwhile, shows how a real Cappuccino is made: with one-third espresso, one-third fresh steamed milk, and one-third foam, all at the perfect temperature and pressure.

With the Starbucks office coffee experience, consumers can expect a much higher calibre of coffee than they are used to from vending machines. Every coffee is tested to perfection in Switzerland and at the Starbucks head office in Seattle, and Selecta ensures that the right ingredients are sourced to create delicious blends. The figures speak for themselves: “of the first 100,000 coffees produced from the Starbucks Corner Café, there was only one complaint, concerning a Vanilla Latte”, Van Cranenburgh said. “We have since improved the recipe and taste of Vanilla Latte”.

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The Origins Of The Starbucks Corner Café