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  • Manufacturing

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    When you choose Selecta as your partner, you instantly benefit from our many years of insight and experience. A significant amount of our customers are from the manufacturing and industrial areas so you can be confident you are in safe hands.

    We provide a particularly vital role for shift workers who often need hot and cold drinks or snacks when conventional restaurants are closed and we take that responsibility very seriously. We make sure there is a good selection of healthier alternatives as well as treats for that extra energy through the night.

    We understand your consumers, for example, we know that cold drinks are preferred in cans rather than bottles so we make sure there are plenty of those. Product ranges can be adapted with specific requests such as nut free selections as we know this is a requirement particularly within food manufacturing sites.

    Guidance and Advice

    We will guide you through choosing the right machines and products for you. From robust floor standing machines capable of high throughput and fast delivery of drinks for people on short break times, to small table tops for reception areas with occasional visitors we have the right choice for you. Our wide range of hot drinks, carefully blended coffees, bold teas and indulgent hot chocolates are always appreciated and we can offer certified options in all if required.

    Flexible Options

    We also have flexible service options to accommodate the different requirements of machines in the different areas. We can accommodate varying service needs for quiet rest areas, busy canteens or office spaces as an example.

    Payment Technology

    No cash? No problem, all our snack and cold drink machines are now installed with card readers that include Apple Pay and contactless options so that makes life a lot easier for everyone.

    Your handy checklist

    • How many staff and visitors are you looking after?
    • Location of machines, i.e. inside or outside, factory floor or reception area?
    • Payment systems needed? Free vend, pay vend, contactless, or coins? We have it all.
    • Do you have any specific requirements such as a ‘nut free’ range?

    Next steps

    • Click here to get in touch and our team will be delighted to provide no obligation advice
    • Visit one of our showrooms to try out our wide range of machines for yourself
    • Click here to arrange your free coffee tasting and find out which is your favourite