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  • What makes espresso-based coffee special?

    Espresso is not a type of coffee bean or roast but a method of brewing coffee using specially selected beans and blends. Loved for its body, aroma and flavour, espresso is the heart of your favourite drinks. It can be enjoyed on its own but also provides the foundation for other coffees such as latte, cappuccino, the flat white and americano, all of which can be enjoyed from our self-service coffee machines, carefully created with our obsessive attention to detail.

    An essential part of any coffee is the quality of the beans; this is especially true with espresso brewing. Over 60 years of passion, knowledge and care goes into selecting the right beans, and as slaves to the bean, we ensure our coffee machines are perfectly calibrated to get the best taste from every blend.

    What’s the process?

    At the simplest level, hot water is pushed through a compact ‘puck’ of ground coffee at a high pressure.

    It’s a pretty straightforward method, but one that relies on everything being completely in sync to create the perfect espresso shot:

    • Bean grind size
    • Extraction pressure
    • Espresso pulling time
    • Water temperature
    • Water quality

    The best espresso comes from a careful blend of machine quality and bean quality. At Selecta, we combine these to create the coffee you love.
  • Starbucks on the go


    We are proud to partner with Starbucks to deliver their 'on the go' solution. Find out more here:  here