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Selecta's innovative category management approach

Selecta is meeting consumer needs through its innovative category management approach to ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time. <<

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Selecta uses retail category expertise and insight data to ensure we have the right mix of impulse best sellers and new products to meet consumer demand

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More than 80% of consumers spend only 25 seconds deciding what to buy from a vending machine. How do we know this? Selecta collects and uses category insight such as this to help drive its thinking behind the range of products in its vending machines. With such a small window of opportunity, it is important to have the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Lawrence Adeniyi, Category & Channel Development Manager – Impulse, Selecta UK and Ireland says: “Selecta is able to offer a real point of difference in terms of our snacks and confectionery vending products, using retail category expertise and insight data to ensure we supply the right mix of best sellers and new products to meet consumer demand. A vending machine offers limited space, so it’s vital to fill it with products you know consumers want and you know will sell. The product range in a Selecta machine doesn’t happen by accident. From the volume of a product to its position in the vending machine, everything is pre-planned and built into our planogram process to ensure the range stays relevant and meets consumer’s needs.”

Because of this innovative retail-focused approach – utilising detailed category management strategies to define and shape product ranges – Selecta is able to advise clients of the most effective way to optimise their product range to help meet their needs.

For clients searching for the right mix of products to tempt custom, yet not sure where to start, Selecta is the perfect vending services partner. Strong relationships with major household brands means the company is able to offer support and guidance on the most popular vending products and the most up-to-date consumer snacking trends, while also offering exclusive consumer promotions.

Each quarter, Selecta refreshes its planograms to maintain consumer interest and keep up with new product development. In the last year alone the company has introduced a number of new promotional products into the range to ensure that consumer’s needs are met and machines remain busy.

In adopting a retail approach to the snacks and confectionery sector, Selecta is able to stay one step ahead of the game and deliver the very best vending solution to meet the needs of clients and consumers. This dedication to the demands of an ever-changing sector means, once you take delivery of your machine, all the hard work has been done for you. Selecta takes care of your vending so you don’t have to.

Selecta's innovative category management approach