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Need a healthy kick start to the New Year? Try Selecta.

We provide a range of healthier alternatives including our ‘Balanced Options’ cold drinks and snacks range, plus our hot drinks are made with virtually fat free skimmed milk. All served from our innovative vending machines and supported by a service you can rely on. Find out more...<<

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We believe in offering our clients and consumers the option to choose a healthy snack or drink from our vending machines. If they want to reduce their calorie, fat or sodium intake our ‘Balanced Options’ programme is the perfect solution for a healthier lifestyle. - Jonathan Barr, Sales & Marketing Director, Selecta UK & Ireland

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If you are looking for a healthy kick start to the New Year, Selecta can help. Our healthier selection of products are delivered through a range of reliable vending machines and supported by a great service you can truly rely on.
From our range of ‘Balanced Options’ snacks and cold drinks to popular hot drinks like skinny lattes, Selecta provides a healthier choice for consumers. 
For healthier vending solutions call Selecta on 0844 7360 209.

Balanced Options...making a healthier choice

If you are looking for a healthier snack then Selecta’s ‘Balanced Options’ programme for cold drinks and snacks provides a good balance between popular yet healthier products.

Our Balanced Options programme includes any snack with less than 200kcal, 6g fat and 250g sodium and any drink with less than 5g of added sugar.
Find out more about our Balanced Options products.

Skinny latte...your favourite drink with less calories

Whether you fancy a latte, cappuccino, tea or hot chocolate to keep you going, Selecta’s standard range of hot drinks are made with skimmed milk. Making that latte ‘skinny latte’ taste great with less calories!

Our standard range of hot drinks are all HVO free providing our clients and consumers with a healthier choice of drinks to enjoy. We also provide visibility of what’s in our drinks through our hot drinks nutritional information so our consumers can make the right choice.
Find out more about our range of hot drinks.

Stay refreshed...with pure water

With the Food Standards Agency recommending people should drink between 6 to 8 cups, mugs or glasses of fluid per day, what better way to refresh than with pure H₂O?
Selecta has a range of high quality mains fed water coolers delivering pure and refreshing water – all at the touch of a button.
From affordable water coolers to top environmental water dispensers view Selecta’s range of water coolers here.

A great service...you can rely on

From bean-to-cup and snack machines to water coolers and refurbished machines we have a range of vending machines to suit different needs and budgets. Find out more about our vending machine range...

For peace of mind we can take of your vending so you don’t have to, from filling and cleaning your machines to ensuring they are always working, we offer the full vending service. In addition, if you’re just looking for technical assistance for your machines we can provide technical maintenance cover.
Find out more about our vending services.

Need a healthy kick start to the New Year? Try Selecta.