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Selecta goes further for Fairtrade

Enjoy certified products from Selecta this Fairtrade Fortnight as part of our sustainable offer, promoting a fair deal for farmers all year round.<<

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Selecta’s partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation ensures we offer a range of certified products, providing peace of mind for clients and consumers that our products are sustainably sourced.

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Meeting the need for a sustainable offer

Consumers have come to expect a sustainable offer from UK businesses. Providing certified alternatives in the workplace reassures both clients and consumers that the products they purchase are ethically sourced, and helps businesses meet sustainable targets.

Businesses can promote sustainability in a number of ways though their on-site catering offer, and vending is no exception. Selecta are committed to offering Fairtrade certified products from our vending machines, helping clients meet their CSR objectives and providing peace of mind that their products have been sustainably sourced. 

Going further on Fairtrade Fortnight  

We are proud to be supporting sustainability this Fairtrade Fortnight, encouraging consumers to go further for Fairtrade though promotional activity with some of our larger national clients, encouraging them to try a Fairtrade product and sign the online petition to demand a better deal for farmers in developing countries (www.fairtrade.org.uk/gofurther).

Offering a wide range of certified alternatives

But sustainability doesn’t stop at Fairtrade Fortnight; Selecta provide a sustainable offer all year round through our Fairtrade certified product range. Selecta’s exclusive Fairtrade coffee is available across all coffee variants to suit a broad range of clients and consumers; miofino Etico is available in instant, whole bean and roast & ground blends. In 2012 Fairtrade Etico products were sold in over 1,500 machines across UK.

Our Etico beans are sourced from across the developing world, supporting a better life for farming families in Honduras, Peru, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship.

Selecta use Fairtrade sugar as standard in all our hot drink machines. Tate & Lyle is 100% Fairtrade, ensuring a fair deal for small-scale sugar cane farmers in Belize. With Fairtrade hot chocolate also available, clients can enjoy a completely sustainable hot drinks vending offer, with a fully certified menu promoted with Fairtrade Etico machine branding.

Selecta also offer a range of Fairtrade certified confectionery products, including Maltesers Treat Bag, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Buttons and our bestselling confectionery line, Nestlé Kit Kat. These brands each support sustainable cocoa farming in West Africa, ensuring the farmers receive a fair price for production as well as premium funds to invest in local business and community projects.

Part of Selecta’s sustainable approach to vending

Offering Fairtrade certified products is integral to the way Selecta does business. Our Sustainable Approach is Selecta’s sustainability programme, demonstrating our commitment to embracing and promoting ethical business practices and setting sustainable development goals. As well as offering sustainable and certified product alternatives, we are committed to a range of initiatives including the reduction of our carbon footprint, developing energy efficient machines, supporting community projects and achieving and retaining environmental accreditations.

Click here to find out more about Selecta’s sustainable product range.

Click here to sign the Fairtrade Foundation’s petition to demand a better deal for farmers in developing countries.

Selecta goes further for Fairtrade