Make the day work

We provide excellent beverage and snack vending solutions at any location - from your office to your kid's school and everywhere in between. We are pioneers in offering a healthier choice of products, as well as improving the coffee experience for everyone.

About Selecta

Inspiring generations for over 60 years, we are a leading vending and coffee services company in Europe. Within the UK we deliver a national service, relied on and trusted by 3,500 businesses. With 10 offices throughout the UK, we pride ourselves on developing strong local relationships with our clients. Our Swiss roots stand for service excellence, high quality product offerings and innovative concepts for out of home food and beverage services.

Offering hot drinks, cold drinks, water and snacks, we have the right vending and self-serve solutions for every type of business and every location within a business, often working within sectors such as healthcare, education, public transport, convenience, and manufacturing and logistics.

We put a strong focus on improving coffee experience through an exclusive partnership with Starbucks as well as by offering a full range of well-known high quality coffee blends such as our own miofino brand and Lavazza. In addition, we offer state-of-the-art coffee machines with a choice of service options - all part of our mission to make the day work.  

Founded and headquartered in Switzerland in 1957, we have grown our geographic market presence to 15 countries across Europe. We serve 6 million consumers every day at 40,000 point of sales addressing the growing need for out of home food and beverage services at the workplace and on the go.